Unveiling Thar treasures

Our team/family are local from Rajasthan’s country-side, they have first hand knowledge of the local area, its people, their culture, traditions, landscapes and other useful information.We use our team, (which includes local guides, local ‘home-stay’ families, camel men other villagers and friends) skills & experiences in the rural travel and adventure tourism (camel riding, striking and jeep safari’s ) field to make your life easier in rural areas such as the Thar desert .They are very familiar with horses, camels, native tribes and folk communities. Through using local guides, camel-men, transportations and  family-run accommodations you can bring money directly to host community, to better themselves and their animals living standards. Beside this travelers/guests will get an unique experience …

Tips & Tours

  • Camel Safaris, Desert Walks
  • Jeep Safaris ( Bishnoi people, wild life and crafts)
  • Highlights of Rajasthan (private taxi tours)
  • Thar Drive (driving through Thar Desert)


  • Home Stays (family-run guest houses)
  • Heritage Properties (staying alike Maharajas) Camping in the Desert
  • Countryside (royal tents)